Master Machine
Throughout the years, Master Machine, Inc. has faithfully pursued one goal: to manufacture top-quality precision machined products. This was the principle objective in 1977 when Master Machine, Inc. was established, and it is still the main focus of the entire Master Machine organization.

Master Machine, Inc. has a primary mission: To supply a product that meets or exceeds our customers expectations and demands. This mission is further embodied in the company's beliefs and targets.

The company's unique vision of the manufacturing environment is to become a leader and primary trend setter.

It is our company's first priority to manufacture top quality products that meet the needs of our customers; to maintain its status as a quality precision machine job shop.

In all of its goals and actions, Master Machine will continue to satisfy our customer's high demands by sharing creative innovation solutions, supplying quality to print parts on time. We will also maintain a modernized work environment that will allow us to produce quality parts at a competitive price to our customers.
Master Machine, Inc. • 10840 Mankato Street NE • Blaine, MN 55449 • 763-780-5460
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