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Envision Plastics and Design is a unique plastics fabrication company. Using a technology called NMR (No Molds Required), we fabricate plastic enclosures, plastic panels, plastic shrouds, and various other types of plastic electronic housings. We specialize in short to medium production volumes (5-5000 EAU) including prototypes.

The ability to manufacture plastic enclosures and housings without the use of tooling or molds saves our customers thousands of dollars in tooling costs and save them weeks to months in development and delivery time. One other very apparent benefit with our method of building plastic enclosures is the fact that the customer has design flexibility at all stages of the products life.

We are a spin off of DuFresne Manufacturing, a leader in sheet metal fabrication in the Midwest. DuFresne specializes in enclosures, housings, and panels as well. All Envision employees have been trained in DuFresne's corporate methodologies in regard to processes and quality systems. DuFresne is ISO 9001:2000 certified and have been practicing Six Sigma for over eight years.

Ex-DuFresne employee Doug Rosenthal, now Envision's VP of Operations, discovered NMR Technology while still an employee in the sales department at DuFresne. In May of 2000, Doug was standing at one of the welding booths at DuFresne with one of his customers' engineers. He told him about a plastics fabrication technology which could produce plastic enclosures, housings, and panels, without the need for any molds or tooling. Which, of course, spawned a discussion about other industry applications for this NMR.

Later that night, Doug researched some information on the internet about the creator of this plastics fabrication technology who was based in Germany. Within two weeks, Doug had contacted this firm, received sample boxes and panels, and made a strong recommendation to DuFresne's President, Bob DuFresne, to look into this and see what types of customers we could further serve with plastic€¦more specifically plastic enclosures. Bob agreed, and Doug became the champion of this idea and inquired with several customers as to how they could benefit from NMR.

The results were extremely positive. By the end of summer, Bob and Doug took a trip to Germany to learn more about NMR. By fall, a license was purchased and training began. By January 2001, Envision had their first order building both plastic enclosures and plastic panels for 3M.

Since then, Envision has grown every year and has become a worldwide leader in NMR Technology serving over 100 customers annually with their plastic enclosure needs.
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