Acylic Design
From our humble, basement beginnings in 1976 to our present-day status as a nationally recognized leader, Acrylic Design Associates has become one of the world’s largest turnkey fixture manufacturers and designers. Bill McNeely Sr. created Acrylic Design on the basis of trust, superior craftsmanship and unparelled service -- values that are ever present yet today.

Over the years, times, technologies and customers needs have changed, and we’ve consistently stepped up to the challenge. Some of our early customers have now grown into Fortune 500 companies with much more sophisticated needs, and we’ve grown with them, offering them complete turnkey services, from concept and design through to warehousing and program rollouts.

We’ve received many national awards for growth and excellence in design and craftsmanship, and each member of your project team strives on a daily basis to maintain our high standards through every step in the project.

Though the times have changed, we remain a family owned company with family owned values. A handshake was a contract when we started, and while it’s more complicated today, the principle remains: strong values form strong relationships, and strong relationships build business.

Every day, we continue to set the standard.

Acrylic Design • 6050 Nathan Lane • Plymouth, MN 55442 • 763-559-8395
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